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My Experiences with IOS8 and Yosemite so far

7/26/2014 - Posted by joe

I've been running iOS8 and Yosemite for a while now, (since early beta, actually). There were some real challenges in the early betas, but the latest version is pretty solid, but the new "cool" features aren't quite there yet.


  • Spotlight - moved to the center of the screen and more powerful. Can do calculations and conversions, can see previews and perform some actions
  • Safari - I don't use this, but there seems to be some updates
  • Mail - essentially the same, maybe a little faster? There are some other features that I don't use (large attachments through iCloud, annotating docs in mail)
  • Messages - you can send and receive SMS messages (from anybody), this is actually pretty damn cool Phone on the Mac - This actually works, I've sent and received calls through my iPhone using my mac. Your computer will ring when you get a phone call (and pause your music, etc.)
  • Handoff - Should let you start writing an email or viewing a webpage on your iPhone and let you transfer it to your mac, this doesn't work yet.
  • Instant Hotspot - doesn't work
  • DarkMode - works, but most apps don't support inverted buttons, so the OS looks good, but the apps are ugly. I don't care enough to try it out for more than a few seconds.


  • Photos - the photos app has been updated, and it is nicer, not enough to upgrade though.
  • Messages - Apparently you can send audio recordings to other iOS8 users via Messages, but I don't know anybody else with iOS8, so untested for me
  • Mail - You can swipe left and right to quickly flag a message as read or flagged. This has actually really sped things up for me. You can do this from the lock screen if you enable it.
  • QuickType - iOS8 tries to predict what you'll say. I don't really use this, because I can type more quickly on the keyboard than I can find and decide if QuickType is displaying the right text, however, it does make for some fun. You can see some selection of some text written by selecting QuickType suggestions only. Either the other features aren't enabled or I don't use them so I can't speak to them.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in hearing about my experience so far. I don't think it's risky to upgrade anymore, so if you want to grab the new beta go for it.

QuickType :)

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