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Scale Your Solution to the Problem

5/30/2017 - Posted by joe

It's important to Scale your solution to the problem at hand vs. trying to scale the problem to your solution.

By analogy a master photographer knows when to pull out her iPhone and take a quick snap, edit it in-app and upload it to Instagram and when it's appropriate to break out the $5k camera body and $5k lens, and wait for the perfect opportunity and use Photoshop to edit the photo to perfection. The amateur photographer doesn't know anything about photoshop and lacks the skill to wield the $10k camera even if they had one so their options are technically limited, they'll miss out on the ability to create truly beautiful photographs. The new professional photographer who just invested in their $10k camera and just went to their first photoshop conference will want to reach for those tools every time. They'll miss out on the joy and speed of quickly snapping a photo and sharing it with friends.

It's only after you've become comfortable with all the tools at your reach, and have let go of any perceived value that you can really focus on finding the best solution.