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I'm a big privacy nut, as you'll discover if you read my blog posts on this site. However, I do like to know if somebody is reading these posts, and what people find interesting. If I can know what people are reading I can write more to meet those wants. I do not want to invade on anybody's privacy, or their perception of privacy, for example I just turned Facebook connect functionality off because I didn't feel comfortable with those "share" buttons on the site.

The only tracking information I use is Google Analytics. I use it to know who is reading what on my site. Google tracks a reasonable amount of data about you including location data, browser, OS, previous website (referrer), and a few other bits of data. I do not enable "demographic" or "interest" tracking because those require additional tracking cookies from companies I consider less than moral such as Remarketing with Google Analytics, Google Display Network Impression Reporting, the DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration, and Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting.

If you're uncomfortable with the Google Analytics javascript I highly recommend Ghostery. I use this as a plugin for Chrome and have been surprised by how many tracking cookies are on each of the websites I visit (install it and check out The NY Times).

You won't see a difference on my site, because I don't display advertising, but I also recommend AdBlock, which blocks many of the ads you see on web pages day to day and actually makes the internet a sane place again.