My name is Joe Basirico, by day I help people build secure software. I lead a team of the most talented security experts in the world at Security Innovation to perform security assessments and help our customers reduce their risk against the ever-present threat of hackers and other ne'er-do-wells.

I started a non-profit, Technically Learning, a few years ago with the help of some friends to help kids, particularly girls and minorities, get excited about the STEM fields. Technically Learning recently merged with code.org an amazing new non-profit looking to bring Computer Science to all public schools in the US.

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This site runs the Joe_CMS (the name is still a work in progress), which I wrote after trying to get some of the "big" CMS's working for weeks. The intent of this CMS is simplicity. You can create new pages easily, link within the site easily and manage a blog easily. You can even make changes to the CSS and templates online (if you're so inclined), you guessed it, easily. For more examples of where this CMS is used check out Technically Learning, my non-profit to help kids learn science and mathematics and Katherine Sather's website.

Check it ou on github at: http://joebasirico.github.com/Joe_CMS/

Technically Learning

Technically Learning was founded over four years ago by a small group of friends tired of complaining about the lack of women and minorities in their fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The founders, most of whom are still board members, believed (and still do) that every child, regardless of their gender, race or socio-economic background, should have the opportunity in the STEM fields.

By improving the quality of STEM education through fun, exciting and engaging activities, projects and curriculum, we believe that more children will choose higher education and pursue careers in these fields.

Recently Technically Learning was merged with code.org

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I created WikiRater as a project to help me create an algorithm to automatically rate the quality of a Wikipedia article. I'd love to be able to request a random, high quality article from Wikipedia, read the top 100 best articles or to help the Wikimedia foundation out by highlighting the bottom 100 articles that need help. If you register and rate articles you'll be helping me do that. Each time you rate an article I'll let you know what WikiRater would have rated, so sign up and join the fun!

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9/22/2014 - Posted by joe

(Originally posted on the Security Innovation Blog)

Security Innovation's manifesto on being a trusted advisor

Each client has different backgrounds as well as a different depth of knowledge, experience, comfort, maturity, and trust. As trusted security advisors with genuine and heightened passion for helping our clients fundamentally improve their processes and build internal expertise, we take pride in delivering customized solutions that meet each company's needs. At its core, this goes beyond simply setting and meeting expectations reliably.

...
6/5/2014 - Posted by joe

I've written before about how important responsible disclosure is for Security Researchers. That responsibility falls on both sides of the discussion. Of course it falls on the side of the security researcher. When they find a security vulnerability they should work with the company to disclose it properly and to make sure it's fixed properly. They should do this for free and without extortion. I think most professional security researchers are on the same page, and while we may debate whether it's prudent to ever publicly disclose an issue, most of us will try to use responsible disclosure first.

The other side of this coin is you, dear software vendor. Creating a stress-free mec ...