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My name is Joe Basirico, by day I help people build secure software. I lead a team of the most talented security experts in the world at Security Innovation to perform security assessments and help our customers reduce their risk against the ever-present threat of hackers and other ne'er-do-wells.

I started a non-profit, Technically Learning, a few years ago with the help of some friends to help kids, particularly girls and minorities, get excited about the STEM fields. Technically Learning recently merged with code.org an amazing new non-profit looking to bring Computer Science to all public schools in the US.

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5/24/2017 - Posted by joe

I recently got interested in Digital Currencies, such as Bitcoin and others and decided to start learning about what they were, why they're interesting, and how to invest.

There's a lot to understand about cryptocurrencies or digital currencies (DCs), and I'm just getting started learning about it. But if you want to learn more a good place to start is https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com which is just a place to learn about what's going on in the cryptocurrency world.

If you've never traded before there is a lot of good DCs specific trading information ...

7/27/2016 - Posted by joe

Sorry biweekly, you've just been ejected from my vocabulary. I hate to be esoteric in my language and use a word like fortnightly, but when your definition from Merriam Webster has two directly conflicting definitions I simply cannot use that word. Fortnightly it is!

From Grammar Girl:

Semi- always means "half." You can remember the meaning by remembering that semisweet chocolate is only half sweet, and semiannual sales happen twice a year.

Bi- can mean both " ...

7/13/2016 - Posted by joe

Viral Game Highlights Calls Attention to Timeless Security Debate

I want to run into traffic, fall into a pond, catch Pokémon while my wife is in labor, and find a dead body; let's check out this Pokémon Go thing!

Pop quiz: Is this a valid login screen for Google Account services? This is the first screen I see when I click login with my Google Account from Pokémon Go. It's concerning because it offers no clear indication this is a valid page, no way for me to verify that I ...